Core Research Competencies

Here at the OCIC our mission is to constantly be seeking innovation. Listed below are our Core Research Competencies that help propel us to a brighter tomorrow.

Download USA's Core Research Competencies.


▼   Engineering

Polymer Composite Materials

Establishing manufacturing processes for polymer composite materials (RTM, VARTM)

Additive Manufacturing

Researching novel 3D print techniques and devices for complex and curved shapes

Biometric Security Solutions

Designing liveness detection systems utilizing energy in a persons face for security solutions

Solid State Drive Algorithm

Identifying novel load balancing algorithms for increased data retention of DVRs

Molecular Imaging and Microscopy

Developing hyperspectral imaging fluorescence microscopy technologies that allow detection of cells and proteins within tissues

Silver Nanoparticles

Examining green manufacturing of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) and their application in multiple industry sectors

Task Specific Ionic Liquids

Developing uses of custom tailored ionic liquids in areas including batteries and carbon capture and sequestration

▼   Medicine

Neonate and Infant Monitoring

Developing leads to assess accurate heart rate and body temperature in the delivery room

DNA Vaccine

Studying DNA vaccines that generate both a humoral and a cytotoxic immune response

Cardiovascular Disease Treatment

Identifying novel strategies to treat cardiovascular disease utilizing humanized enzymes

Traumatic Wound Imaging

Establishing novel strategies to image penetrating traumatic wounds for radiographic diagnosis of injury

Cancer Biology

Studying cancer stem cells, cancer biomarkers for detection and progression and molecular mechanisms of cancer progression

Cancer Control and Prevention

Reducing the risk, incidence and mortality from cancer and enhance the quality of life of cancer survivors

Antisense Oligonucleotide Therapeutics

Discovering antisense oligonucleotides that can be used to treat a variety of diseases including cancer

Chemoprevention Experimental Therapeutics

Synthesizing novel compounds with potential for highly selective anti-cancer activity

Molecular and Metabolic Oncology

Focusing on cellular mechanisms of DNA repair, DNA damage and DNA metabolism in cancer development and for cancer treatment

▼   Arts and Sciences

Metabolomics and Proteomics

Computer systems and risk analysis for protecting the nations critical infrastructure (e.g. electrical grids, traffic signals and control devices)

Ionic Liquids

Researching use of ionic liquid in greenhouse gas capture, thiol-ene chemistry, as well as their properties such as thermal behavior and biomass processing

Bio and Computational Chemistry

Discovering drugs and enzyme interactions through computational modeling

Organic Compounds

Studying the effects of non-classical energy forms on organic reactions as well as the structure of organometallic compounds using NMR and crystallography


Studying hurricane modeling, sea breezes, and improved techniques for the use of surface-based in-situ meteorological instruments

Geographic Information Sciences

Using geographic information systems and 3D modeling to analyze health, water quality, urban land use, hazards, and climatology

Evolutionary Processes

Investigating evolutionary biology, herpetology, systematics, and fossil plants in Mobile and Baldwin County


Studying stress tolerance of the biome in the Mobile Tensaw Delta

▼   Computing

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Computer systems and risk analysis for protecting the nations critical infrastructure (e.g. electrical grids, traffic signals and control devices)

Advanced Persistent Threats

Prevention of what may be the greatest single threat to internet use, APTs

Cyber Situational Awareness and Risk Assessment

Identifying threats, quantifying risk and creating solutions critical to business functioning optimally in the face of internet threats

Internet of Things

Increasing connectivity to ensure efficient communication and interaction across various platforms

Big Data and Cloud Computing

Advancing techniques to identify correlations in large databases leading to improvements in medical research and healthcare

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Expanding remote monitoring and control through advanced human-machine interfaces

Health Informatics

A research center for risk assessment of healthcare data and systems

Insider Threats

Studying technology and man-machine interface sciences to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks made by trusted parties

Computing Forensics and Digital Investigations

Preventing, detecting and illuminating malicious activity in information systems and networks

Secure Software Development

Investigating techniques to improve rigor in software development to prevent computing system threats